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Karen and Eric are a married multi-millionaire couple that are destined for success in every aspect, at least until the gorgeous wife, Karen, expects something more than her husband is prepared to give.  Throughout the journey of the marriage, there are unforgettable hot and steamy sex scenes that will make your thighs quiver and sweat as you reach for your vibrating toy.  The realism of the dialogue will make you laugh and cry as well as inspire you.  There are twisted turns that will stop you in your tracks, and make you gasp for breath when you discover what Karen is willing to do to get her way.  As the story climaxes, no one in the circle is able to distinguish who is trustworthy as this sexy and riveting story unfolds to an unbelievable ending.

This book leaves nothing to the imagination. Page after page, there are steamy scenes that don’t quit. It starts with a raw sex scene that would make even the most provocative woman blush. This book makes Fifty Shades of Gray look like missionary sex. You can literally feel the tension between lovers and the release as each deed is done. Naughty Betrayals is also a great starting point for spicing up your own bedroom.
“Naughty Betrayals.” This book by Rick Brim sets itself up for greatness just by the title. If you want a complex, intricate, fast paced novel dealing with the…naughtier side of life, then this volume is definitely the right choice for you. There is no breaking the ice here – no moseying into details. This book is raw, on the edge and precise. In fact, it’s a bit of a shocker story, throwing you right into the middle of the grotesque action right on the first page, and it only intensifies from there.

This book is written in the vein of Lost, with double-double revenge plots, twisted plans intended to kill, and characters that turn out being not quite who they seem. The reader may be confused as to where their loyalties lie as they read deeper into the complicated character aspects of this book. It is one novel with a lot of surprises, most definitely. It may not get a lot of credit, being forced into the standard genre of adult romantic fiction, but it is special in the fact that it blends romanticism and sexualization with a much darker plot. Think revenge, murder, lies, and hiding in plain sight. It really brings to light what goes through the minds -and influences the actions -of those exposed to infidelity.

If the reader tends to be easily offended, this book may be a bit too graphic for them particularly. If not, however, plunge right in and enjoy! This is a book which won’t stand on your bedside table to gather dust, because it pulls you back in, urging you to finish what you started and discover the end of this twisted tale.
Holy Cow! “Naughty Betrayals” is as tantalizing and as heart stopping as it is devious! Married after a short courtship Eric and Karen are madley in love with a sex best relationship. Against their friends warnings they marry and start a life together. Then a few years later something, or someone starts coming between them and now you have: Eric and Shelia, Eric and Andrea; Karen and Terry, Karen and Jay; talk about loves triangles! The heat between all the couples keep you wanting more! This story has so many twist, turns and heart stopping moments. Karen pressured Eric to have a baby, thought he was not ready, so Karen devised a plan and within that plan is murder, lies, and deceit. Eric tried hard to stay faithful, keep her happy but love blindness can only go far. Can Eric and Karen get their respective happily ever afters?

Rick did a wonderful job writing this book, even with the multiple story lines and the different dynamics of the couples, and the twist at the end, it really keeps a hold of you! I could not put this book down, and believe me I would die to read another book by Rick!

I cannot find any things truly bad to say about this book, well wrote, great read, keeps your heart pounding!

I give this book a 5 out of 5, and recommend this book for all house wives, and women who really enjoy. You can get this book
The Book is great, and a fun read!!! a good story/book to get your weekend started, or just get your day started/and or end your day with. The first page will get you excited and you want put it down. Very hot sexy dialog that takes your immigration along for the ride, no mixing of words,the plot/twist and turns will have you saying wow, oh really. Lots of excitement and sadness along the way to include a spiritual conversations/dialog. The ending will have you…I’ll let you read it first :-),

Recommending reading it, you won’t be disappointed!
Naughty Betrayals is definitely for grown folk. Be ready to be taken on an erotic vacation.
The intimate scenes are extra steamy and make you envious of the characters involved. There are also some unexpected twist and turns as one of the main characters , Karen goes above and beyond to get the one and only true desire of her heart. Naughty Betrayals also speaks to spiritual side of things and leaves you with a powerful message. If you pay attention. If you love romance, erotica and mystery, don’t sleep on this one. Two thumbs up. It is a good read.

5 STARS Olivia
MUST READ! I’ve been a writer of fictional stories for over 30 years, and I can honestly say that the author of Naughty Betrayals was ON POINT when he wrote this. The authors style of writing draws you into every scene which I love. I only wish that I was literally in the sex scenes. LOL. From a woman’s perspective, Karen was a true hero as she endured struggles and still got what she desired. I was deeply engaged in every chapter wondering what was going to happen next. Very suspenseful. I will definitely be recommending this book to my book club. I will be anxiously awaiting for a sequel.
The book begins with a hot scene to lure you in, followed by a number of additional steamy scenes to get you off. By the time you get through those first few scenes, you’re hooked into the story and don’t want to put it down. How did Eric get where he is? What lead to these sexy scenes, and what does Eric look like? What about Karen? What goes through her head and how much sex is she having?

Naughty Betrayals will keep you engrossed for hours until you finish this juicy story of steaming hot, rich Eric, and his hot wife Karen, and their sexy love lives.

You’ll feel right a part of Eric and Karen’s lives, like a fly on the wall during their most intimate moments, and you’ll learn their favorite acts and what turns them on…though it doesn’t take much. Once you finish reading this for the story, you can bookmark the hot pages and go back to them over and over for a thrill whenever you want it.

The book is very easy to read, without clunky words or fumbled grammar to get in the way. You’ll feel like you fly though the book as you’re glued to the screen, anxious to see what happens next.